Self-Reliance Handbook: The Buddhist Dhamma Medicine Way to Fight Against the COVID-19 Crisis

(Abridged Version)

Produced by Dr. Jaiphet Klajone (Morkeaw) and the Buddhist Dhamma Medicine Volunteers, the Vijjaram Institute and the Buddhist Dhamma Medicine Foundation of Thailand 

Translated into English by Benjawan Poomsan, Pim Lorenzetti, Chindanut Anuwong Rattanawali Brodsley, Sudarat Insawas, Apantree Puratep and Chayarat Rattanasen

Edited by Benjawan Poomsan

Proofread by Nicholas Terlecky


This Buddhist Dhamma Medicine Way to Fight Against the COVID-19 Crisis Self-Reliance Handbook is part of the qualitative research by Dr. Jaiphet Klajone and his team on self-reliance using Buddhist Dhamma Medicine principles according to sufficiency economy to prevent and reduce problems caused by Covid-19. This research has found that these principles are highly effective in preventing and solving Covid-19 related problems.  

                 This booklet is part of an effort to help prevent and solve the problems caused by the corona virus that is spreading around the world, including in Thailand. Many have become sick and lost their lives. Hospitals are facing an inundation of patients; not having enough beds. Therefore, many patients do not have access to healthcare which has caused personal damages and hardships for people overall, including economic, social, etc.

                 The best and most effective way to prevent and solve the problem, as described by Lord Buddha, is “to practice self-reliance.” This is an economical and simple way that anyone can do to rely on oneself in all essential aspects of life. A person can be self-reliant in taking care of one’s own health, economy, society and environment, etc. Therefore, it is extremely important to work in tandem with the government, private and civil sectors that are working on these problems at the moment. This will lead to all to safety and happiness. Those who practice self-reliance will also be able to help others to do the same.               

This Buddhist Dhamma Medicine Way to Fight Against the COVID-19 Crisis Self-Reliance Handbook presents the techniques of self-reliance according to sufficiency economy (The Buddhist way or the Buddhist medicine way) in preventing, treating or alleviating the symptoms of Covid infection, including side effects or complications from vaccination and reducing other problems derived from Covid-19. If a person can be self-reliant in taking care of themselves to recover from or get better from this disease, it can take the burden off of society, the government sector and healthcare workers. However, if their symptoms are severe and they cannot take care of themselves, then they will have to depend on healthcare workers.

            The larger number of patients or the general public that can take care of themselves, the less of a burden on healthcare workers. They will have the opportunity to treat patients with more severe symptoms efficiently. This will be beneficial to the patients, the healthcare workers and the healthcare system overall. People that practice the Buddhist Dhamma Medicine way can integrate it with other types of medicine practice as appropriate. 

May you prosper with dhamma,

good conscience,

and the mind that is free from all sufferings.

Dr. Jaiphet Klajone (Morkeaw) and Buddhist Dhamma Medicine Volunteers

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